Websites and Passwords

I use a recipe box with index cards and a small a-z filing system to keep track of important web sites and their respective passwords. It makes it much simpler. For instance, under A in the file I have Ameren with the www. websight printed on it and my user name and password.
I can manage each one of my billings easier and will not forget the passwords because I can find it at my fingertips. I also keep a file box with the names and addresses of family and friends and respective information that is helpful to remind me of birthdays and other important days to remind me of when I need to send a card.

Card Book

I always enjoy keeping cards that our family receives throughout the year such as birthday cards, Christmas cards, baby announcements, baby dedication cards, sympathy cards and other memorable cards. These days, many cards come with family photos or pictures of children and I never want to throw them away! As a way to keep these cards organized, I put the entire years collection together in chronological order and bind them using a hole punch and large binder rings. Then, I add a title page for the "card book" (using scrapbook paper) to display the year. Once all of the cards are bound on the rings, I tie colorful ribbon to the binder rings as a special scrapbook touch. I just completed my 2012 card book which included our birthday cards, baby announcements, my son's dedication cards, thank you cards and Christmas cards! it is a great way to remember what happened throughout the year as well as see which friends we were connected with year to year.


Growing up with 2 sisters, we were all active in extra-curricular school activities. That being said, my mother would have a calendar of all of our games/activities on our refrigerator which was color-coded for each of us by our school colors. For instance, I was in high school and my school colors were green and black so my games were written in green; one of my younger sister's school colors were red and blue so here games were written in blue, etc, etc.


Organize puzzles by putting each puzzle in a separate Tupperware container and cut the picture of the puzzle out and tape it to the top of the Tupperware. Makes it easy to stack the puzzles and keeps them organized. We've found that the boxes get torn up and if they are different sizes it's hard to stack them. Using Tupperware keeps them easy to store and the containers stay sturdy! Great for kids puzzles!

Preparing Lunches

To help prepare lunches for my kids and keep track of snacks so everyone gets a fair share I have colored baskets for each child. When I get home from shopping I bag up snacks and put them in each basket along with prepackaged snacks and juice boxes. Each kid then chooses lunch items and afternoon snacks from their own box. I has stopped the pigging out of favorite snacks and snacks being eaten too quickly! I can also track easier when I need to shop for those foods just by looking at their boxes.

Closet Organizing

Closet organizing: To best utilize the clothes you have, you need to hang all your clothes in groups. Shirts together, jackets, skirts, pants and dresses. Best if you use the same type of hangers. Then within each group color coordinate lightest to darkest. Also, if you have set/ suits, you need to separate these and put pieces in with their group. All of this will better help you see what you have and give you more outfit choices.

Rummage Sale

Hang a bag in each clothes closet and put a roll of masking tape or sticky dots along with a pen in each bag. When your child out grows something, tag it and put it in the bag. Do the same in your closet and when you no longer want something - tag it. In the spring go around and collect each bag and you are all set for a rummage sale. You can also put a box in your garage/basement to put household items you no longer use.

Two Things Out

One thing in, two things out.... So this is what we do in our household especially around Christmas time and birthdays when my kids are showered with toys and clothes from family members. For every one new toy or clothing item they bring into their room they have to donate two. I also try to be a good example to them by doing this myself when I get new shoes or clothes..... This helps us keep our house from getting over cluttered and helps retain a since of peace.

Small Buckets

We put small buckets on our stairs (which are a little wider at the last steps then most newer homes) as things are found through out the day they are put in these buckets, one for each child, they are then responsible for putting those items away each day

Organizing Hats/Scarves

During the winter, it seems like there are hats, gloves and scarves everywhere...until you need them. To keep them organized, we use a hanging shoe rack. We put the youngest (and shortest) family member's winter accessories in the bottom slots, moving up the organizer with each family member's hats & gloves in height order, with the tallest person's accessories in the top slots. No more single gloves! :)