Labeling Cords

Category: Organization

 I always label cords and cables for my computer, TV, etc. You can either use the plastic clip from a bread bag or use an adhesive label, mark with sharpie and wrap around the cord or cable near the plug so that if you ever need to rearrange, you will know what you are unplugging. I just got a new DVD player and this trick saved me so much time as I was reorganizing everything that gets plugged in behind our entertainment center!

Declutter A Space

Category: Organization

When trying to declutter a space, place 2 boxes or make 2 piles near where you will be working. Label the 1st box or pile "Give Away" Label the 2nd box or pile "Throw Away" Question yourself if you can't decide what to do with the item: Does this make me happy? (This question might sound odd but if the item doesn't give you good feelings or happy memories when you see shouldn't be in your life.) Do I ever use this item? Would someone else benefit from it? If you decide to keep it immediately put it away. If you don't want it, put it in the pile you feel it belongs in- throw away or donate. Once your throw away pile is full, pitch it and don't let yourself be tempted to look through it again. Take the donation box immediately to the drop box and again, no looking back through things. Trust yourself.

Digital Photos

Category: Organization

Don't we have TONS of them? I've been using this simple way of organizing and keeping track of them for years! At the end of every month I upload the photos for that month onto a photo hosting website (I use Snapfish) and order the reprints for that month. I can also share that month's album with family and friends. This website hosting is free and the reprints are .9 each, much cheaper than any local store, and I don't have to stand in line! This is a great way to keep track of which photos you've ordered and shared.