Timed Cleaning

When there is a big task to do, set a timer! Doing a task for 15 minutes and then taking a break makes jobs go faster and almost seem fun. Racing the clock! My kids usually like doing this too. Sometimes we do a 5 minute "room rescue"- we get more done in 5 minutes than we'd expect! My timer is my buddy

Cleaning the Shower

After spending so much on shower cleaning products, I found that a simple half and half solution of VINEGAR and DAWN DISH SOAP (or any dish soap) sprayed in the shower and left to sit for about 15-20 minutes, then rinsed with washcloth cleans my showers amazingly well! The cost is significantly less and no harsh chemicals.


I have found that if each of my family members take the hanger that was just 'emptied' from the shirt and put it in the hamper with the dirty clothes, then the clothes go to the laundry, get sorted, along with the hangers, I then have the hangers on hand when the clothes come out of the dryer. I also color code the hangers, so each person can come and grab their color hangers.


I keep a microfiber wipe and a bottle of glass cleaner in each bathroom. I have several in my house, so I alternate which ones I use throughout the day. This way, I am in each bathroom at least once. While I am in there, I use the rag and glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror and sink. It takes less then 60 seconds, and the sink and mirror are always clean that way. I also keep disinfecting wipes by each toilet and wipe it down too. This all takes less than 2 minutes to do, and helps reduce the spread of colds and flu too! I find that half the battle in simplifying is a having the tools you need at hand when you need them!


As a mom and grade school teacher, I often find that time doesn't seem to be on my side. In keeping up with the housework, I tend to not have much time left over for exercising. To be sure that I get my exercising in, I act like house cleaning is a race. I time myself to see how long it takes to clean each room, and I try to step it up the next the next time so that I can beat my previous time. That way my heart is elevated, so I'm getting my exercise, AND I'm getting my housework done =)


Spray your hairspray in the shower with the shower curtain pulled so you don't get the residue all over the counter or floor. I was amazed at the buildup on the floor and counter when I sprayed my hair standing at the counter. You just have to make sure you don't put on your sox and shoes until after your hair is done!

Washing Dishes

For baked on food on pots, pans, or glass dishes, simply fill with water while you are washing the dishes set on stove top and boil or bake in oven glass casserole at 400. By the time you are done with the rest of your dishes simply dump out hot water baked on food will wipe out easy. This is the best tip a friend shared with me 20 years ago when I got married. No soaking over night.

Homemade Detergents

Making your own detergents and save hundreds of dollars per year.
Dish Detergent: Arm and Hammer washing soda, Borax, salt, 3 drops of Dawn, and citric acid. You can also add vinegar to the rinsing agent compartment for those hard water spots. Laundry soap: Borax and washing soda again; 5 drops of dawn, grated Naptha laundry soap bar, (I also add some of the generic oxy clean from the dollar tree) I have started doing this only this year and the supplies cost me around $50 however I made about 40 gallons of laundry detergent and 20 of dishwasher detergent. It should last me about 6-8 months!!!

Matching Socks

 I never sort my socks. They all match each other. My wife never needs to sort socks because they are all the same. Just for kicks, they are gold toe socks.

Never Empty Handed

I call it the never leave a room empty handed rule. As you go in and out of rooms, you make sure your hands are never empty. So if you see a toy or toys you pick up enough that you can carry in that one trip, take it to the room it belongs, and then once you arrive in that room as you see something in there that shouldn't be there, either trash, or dishes, or dirty laundry, you then pick it up and take it to the room where it belongs, then so on and so on. In doing this you are saving a lot of time and energy just picking up and cleaning the house while you were already in that room. I have 3 kids all under 10 and this makes my life so much easier and saves me so much time.