A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:

Pick Up

Category: Housekeeping

Don't know why it took me 50+ years to figure this one out, it seems so simple- but just pick up after yourself. When you put on your makeup in the AM, put it away when you're done. When you are cooking, put the ingredients away as you use them, etc. It just makes life so much easier.

Reading Before Bed

Category: Parenting

I always read to my children before bed. It gives us ten to fifteen minutes every day to relax with each other. It is never skipped even if the night has run long because that is our time together everyday. Always have time at end of day with children is my tip.

Driving in the Winter

Category: Other

In the cold winter months, while driving your car, use your heat in the car, as well as, the air conditioner. Keeping the AC button on, acts as a dehumidifier which clears the fog, inside of the windows, in the vehicle. Making it a safer drive.

Lost Socks

Category: Housekeeping

Socks seem to be lost ALOT so each person in our house has a net bag to put socks into when taken off. Throw those in washer and socks get clean and then can be paired up and back in draw. With 4 kids I am always doing laundry.

Timed Cleaning

Category: Housekeeping

When there is a big task to do, set a timer! Doing a task for 15 minutes and then taking a break makes jobs go faster and almost seem fun. Racing the clock! My kids usually like doing this too. Sometimes we do a 5 minute "room rescue"- we get more done in 5 minutes than we'd expect! My timer is my buddy

The Word

Category: Faith

I start my day at 4:50 am, drive an hour and and 15 min. to work, get home at 5:50 PM get dinner, dishes, laundry etc. This leaves little time for the Word. So I got the Bible on CD and listen and meditate and pray during the drive. Gets the Word in you to start your day.

Remembering Inportant Info

Category: Organization

As a mom of five children, trying to remember their social security or medical record numbers can be challenging, I put this information, along with phone numbers that I categorize: Emergency, medical, family, friends,neighbors, and business on index cards and tape them on the inside of my kitchen cabinet so if I need the number I don't have to look it up!

Picking Out Clothes for School

Category: Parenting

 No clothes for the day were put on until breakfast was eaten and teeth were brushed. This helped not have milk or toothpaste on the days clothes and having to start over.

Plastic Wrap/Foil

Category: Other

When placing the plastic wrap box or foil box back in a drawer give them a quarter turn to put the closing flap/lid on the bottom. This will eliminate it catching when you open the drawer.

Cleaning the Shower

Category: Housekeeping

After spending so much on shower cleaning products, I found that a simple half and half solution of VINEGAR and DAWN DISH SOAP (or any dish soap) sprayed in the shower and left to sit for about 15-20 minutes, then rinsed with washcloth cleans my showers amazingly well! The cost is significantly less and no harsh chemicals.