A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:


Category: Meals

An easy way to marinade a roast or steaks is to cover with fruit juice (other than citrus) and refrigerate overnight. Cook in a slow cooker until tender and make enough for 2 or 3 meals. Portion out and freeze the remaining meat for other meals. Reuse (store in the freezer) remaining marinade and add more juice as needed in the future.

Turning Hangers Backwards

Category: Organization

At the beginning of every season I turn my hangers backwards of that seasons clothes then turn them back around after I wear an item. At the end of the season any hangers that are still backwards those clothes go into my rummage pile for our rummage sale we have every year. Also, if I buy a new shirt I take out a new shirt to rummage. It keeps the bulk down.

Babies with Colic

Category: Parenting

For babies with Colic-
Caraway Seed Tea
Boil 2 oz nursery water
Add 2 tsp. Caraway seed
And 1 tsp. sugar
Let set for a minute and add 2 more ounces of nursery water. Drain off the caraway seed an let baby drink as much as they like. Make sure it's not too hot.

Browning Hamburger

Category: Meals

One thing that I do to simplify cooking is to brown a lot of hamburger when ever I need some. Then I use what I need right then, and put the rest into baggies or containers and put in the freezer for next time I need browned hamburger. This makes spaghetti, or chili, or hamburger helper, or tacos, just a little faster! In some cases it also saves from having to use and wash a skillet.

Meals for the Week

Category: Meals

My husband works second shift so on Mondays when I cook I make three or four meals to last the week so I have more time each evening to be with my three children. I have them help me and ask what the best and worst part of their day is to keep it fun. Makes for great conversation and lessons.

Crock Pot Cleaning

Category: Meals

After using the crock pot. Fill the pot with soapy water and clean using any dryer sheet. Then use soap and water after. Will come clean no matter what was cooked. No soaking needed. Will save time and clean up will be much easier.

Grocery List

Category: Meals

When preparing your grocery list, decide on the dinner recipes your family will eat, and you won't deviate too much from the list. I like to hang the weekly menu on the fridge as well. Everyone looks forward to taco salad night.

Family Size Packages

Category: Meals

Buy family size packages of ground beef (they are usually cheaper per pound) and either make up 2-4 meatloaves at one time & put in freezer or cook all ground beef, rinse in hot water to get rid of excess grease and freeze in small portions for a quick meal like tacos, chili, sloppy joes, hamburger helper, etc.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Category: Organization

I have made a file for each month for anniversary and birthdays. I think this is going to help me remember everyone's birthday and anniversary.

One Task at a Time

Category: Time Management

My tip is to realize you can only do one thing at a time. Jot your "to do" list down, Prioritize and Tackle one task at a time and you will feel great while doing it and when done!