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We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:


Category: Organization

I open my mail at my desk where I immediately throw all envelopes from the opened, junk mail, etc into the trash. I tear off my payment stub and lay it in the flap of the payment envelope (so I can see what is due and when). I then put it in order by due date if I have any other bills and place it in a file folder to be paid. I put my portion of any mail into 1 of 2 other file folders: 1 is for tax deductible receipts and the other for misc bills such as utility, etc. Then when it's time to pay bills, everything is in order and ready to be paid. You could also go so far as to stamp your return address on the envelopes if time permits.

Cooking Big Portions

Category: Meals

We have six children and cooking can be very time consuming. When I am going to brown hamburger, I might brown 15 pounds of hamburger at one time. I will portion it off and use some for chilli right away, put some in a tupperware container for tacos tomorrow and bundle the rest in one pound bowls to use for quick hamburger helper. Same goes for potatoes. When I make potato soup, I will peal 20 pounds of potatos. Half of that is for soup which will be made that night. The rest will be mashed and then put into tupperware containers and into the freezer for quick homemade mashed potatos later in the week sometime. Same with chicken. I cook up a ton of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at one time. We may have chicken that night and I will shred the rest of it to be used in chicken tetrazinni or white chicken chilli later in the week. It may seem simple, but these are HUGE time savers!! I spend less time over the stove and in the kitchen and more time with my husband and my family.

God's Blessings

Category: Faith

This has really helped preserve my sanity and, increase productivity. So much stress/pressure was added to my life the last two years I was ready to give up. After some intense prayer I was lead to include in my evening routine a few minutes to "list" what had made me feel overwhelmed and offer it to God in prayer. When I wake each morning I thank God for His blessings and then still my mind for a moment. I love how He fills it with a clear answer for handling my greatest challenges! It works! Try it!

Chewy Cookies

Category: Meals

If your cookies got slightly overcooked - or they got dried out for one reason or another - don't throw them out! You can return them from crisp and crunchy to soft and chewy just by storing them in an airtight container with 1-2 fresh pieces of bread. By the next morning (or sooner) you will have soft and chewy cookies to enjoy! I have done this for so long that my own kids think that's how everyone keeps their cookies.

Cleaning the Tabletop Grill

Category: Housekeeping

Easy tip to clean your George Foreman grill (table top)- After grilling meat, unplug the grill. Place a warm wet cloth on the grill and close the grill. Let grill set for a couple hours. Open grill, then use the moist cloth to wipe away grease, ect from grill.

Unsteaming the Mirror

Category: Other

After a hot shower I use the hair dryer on my vanity mirror. It unsteams ( is that even a word?) the mirror and leaves no streaks that a towel would if you used it to wipe the steam away.

Eating Early

Category: Meals

I'm a single mom and my son is 11. Hes always so hungry when he gets home from school, and usually I am too. I work and Im a full time student, so our dinner is at 4 everyday. Every Tuesday we have spaghetti and we call it "Raguesday" because my son only likes Ragu traditional sauce so we have indeed made it a "tradition" eating early gives us the entire evening free, also saves on groceries when you skip that after school snack.

Unwanted Mail

Category: Organization

This works with my family and everyone gets to participate. We all get 'unwanted' mail, so here’s a way to get it out weekly without the need for a reminder. Place an empty paper grocery bag wherever you place the daily mail or in the mudroom/laundry room (worn large gift bags or small boxes also work well). At mail time, quickly scan through your mail and immediately toss in whatever you know you don’t plan to read. Do this every day, until it’s time to set out the trash. Any mail that has accumulated must either make its way into the bag, get handled or get filed. Toss in newspapers and already graded and reviewed homework assignments as well. Have kids scoop up the bag and place at the curb with your other recyclables. The bag also gets recycled and makes for easy carrying. Kids will be amazed at the amount of paper collected and will see how recycling helps protect God’s earth.

Pray Harder

Category: Faith

Want to make life easier? Pray harder, smile more, love like crazy, share, be kind, laugh uncontrollably, do something for someone that can never repay you, live like today is your last, and love yourself. These things have all proven to make my life so much better!! :-)

Live Simply

Category: Other

Live simply, so others can simply live?