A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:

Shop Once a Month

Category: Time Management

I only do major grocery shopping once a month. I buy in bulk and split my purchases into the serving portions we'll use. I put what we'll use for the week into the freezer and the rest of it goes into the deep freezer in the basement. I have a running list of everything that is stocked downstairs so I always know what I have. Once a week my hubby brings up the items for the next week. I do have to stop at the store for produce and dairy a few times but doing it this way saves me hours of driving, shopping and menu planning. I always know what's for dinner!

Organizing Toys

Category: Organization

I have a shelf with bins for the grand kids toys. To teach them matching, organization and responsibility skills, I have taped pictures of which toy belongs in which bin. They can help clean their bedroom by matching the toy to the picture.

Teething Child

Category: Parenting

When your child is teething, start applying a thin coat of diaper rash cream, before the yucky poo hits them. This will prevent that horrible diaper rash and seeing your child suffer. Happy baby makes for a happy mommy.

Shining the Windows

Category: Housekeeping

Use Norwex anti-bac cloth and the shine cloth to wash windows. No cleaner needed just plain water. Awesome product.

No Laundry Days

Category: Time Management

Since I have teenagers that like to hoard their clothes in piles in their rooms, I have come up with a solution that makes everything run smoother. Each day's clothing goes in a basket in the hallway so I do 2 loads a day and it makes things SO MUCH easier! No pile ups anymore. No laundry DAYS anymore.


Category: Faith

Our days are never long enough. Me and the kids make sure we put time aside to do devotions and start our day on a good note. We leave for the bus stop 5 minutes early. We keep our Jesus Calling for Kids book in the van, and we read our daily devotion before getting on the bus. They always look forward to the verse and a challenge for their day.

Dinner Is Finished

Category: Time Management

Crock pot meals can be prepared and refrigerated. On an evening I am home to cook I will make dinner and prep a meal in the crock pot for the following evening. In the morning drop it in and turn it on! Dinner is finished when we get home from school, baseball practice, cub scouts, etc.

Color Coordinate the Closet

Category: Organization

I have been doing this since my children have been small. I found that I was always limited in time to get myself ready to go anywhere. I decided to take the clothes in my closet and put all the colors together so when I got dressed it was easier to go to the red section and pull out a shirt that was that color. I didn't always have time to stand and look through all my clothes to decide what to wear. I am now 51 and I still have my closet organized that way. It makes me feel like I have it together! I really simplifies your life!

Humps in Shirts

Category: Other

To avoid the humps in the shoulders of your shirt when hanging on hanger to long hang them wrong side out then the hump is on the other side :-)

Quik Spritz

Category: Housekeeping

Combine 2 tablespoons dish soap & 2 teaspoons Simple Green, then dilute with1 qaurt of water. Place in spray bottle and keep by kitchen sink. Use a spritz to quick wash hands, quick wash dinnerware, utensils or silverware. Also, spritz and leave the dishes sit for easy clean-up. This solution can also be used for laundry spot cleaning or to clean up spills and spots on counter tops, cabinets and floors. Multipurpose, NO harsh chemicals!