A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:

Dry Erase Board

Category: Organization

I keep track of what we run out of and what we need from the store by putting a blank dry erase board (about 8X11) on the fridge. When someone in the house uses the last of something, they write it on the board. I add things to it as well, such as paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Then, when I go to the store, I take the board with me, place it in the basket of the cart and as I find items on the list, I wipe it off. When the board is cleared, I'm done shopping! In addition to getting the entire family involved in the household management, I no longer have to empty my purse of all the little hand-written, paper/pen lists that used to pile up in there. When I get home, the board goes back on the fridge and the process starts over again. It's great!

Get Ready Before Bed

Category: Time Management

Before we go to bed, I ALWAYS get everything ready for the morning-clothes, coffee, find my glasses, etc. Frantic is not a good way to start the day!

Baked Eggs

Category: Meals

Instead of the mess of boiling hard boiled eggs, why not bake them? Place them in a muffin tin so they don't roll all over the place, heat oven to 325 degrees and bake them for 25-30 minutes. Easy to peel and no messy water to get rid of! Simple!

Kitchen Tongs

Category: Organization

I discovered that storing kitchen tongs (the spring type) in an empty paper towel roll does a great job of keeping the utensil drawer more tidy. No longer do the tongs get stuck opening and closing the drawer, and they take up less space that way!

Glass Top Cleaner

Category: Housekeeping

Instead of buying the expensive glass top cleaner for my stove I use a baking soda and water paste. It's cleans up great and I can afford it!

Color Code

Category: Organization

I have 5 children and a small house. Every child has a different favorite color. So I color code everything from toys, lunch boxes or even toothbrushes. I put a little colored dot on things or choose items based on their color. I know at a quick glance who everything belongs to and who needs to pick up what. Such a time saver.

Grocery Budget Low

Category: Finances

We are family of 5, and in order to keep our grocery budget low, I do once a month shopping and cooking. I make homemade marinara sauce and re-fried beans to freeze and store until we need them. My favorite trick to help out is my muffin pans! I spray the tine with cooking spray, fill with either the sauce or beans cover loosely with foil, then freeze. Once they are frozen I pop them out of the tin and put them into a freezer bag. Each frozen serving is 1/3 cup and perfect for only using the right amount each meal! It helps cut down on leftovers, and is healthier food for your family!

Timer for Daughter

Category: Parenting

After our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD last year and finding out that medication was not the right move for her I invested in a $2.00 kitchen timer from Wal-Mart to help our mornings run smoother. Her alarm goes off at 7:00 am and her timer gets set for 15 minutes at which point when it goes off she must get up & get ready for school. This timer has been a life saver for us and our mornings. It keeps her focused and she can physically see how much time she has left to complete a task!

Replace TV

Category: Faith

Replace 1 hour TV show with reading a chapter of Proverbs and Psalms with my family and closing with discussion about thankfulness and a closing prayer. This has increased our awareness of our daily blessings and simplified our life by cutting out unnecessary drama from TV.

Organizer for Gloves and Scarves

Category: Organization

I've discovered using an over-the-door shoe organizer as an organizer in the coat closet for gloves, scarves, umbrellas etc! Love it.