A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:

Packing for a Trip

Category: Other

Pack for a 7 - 10 day vacation or mission trip using 1 carry-on. I've traveled on short-term mission trips over the past 10 years and how many people OVER PACK:
1) Wear the same outfit going and coming back home - with comfortable shoes
2) 3 outfits that tops and bottoms are interchangeable
3) 7 pairs of underwear:)
4) 1 extra pair of shoes
5) Hair/Body products should fit in the quart sized zip lock bag:
- toothbrush, toothpaste, sun protectant, shampoo, body wash, sun protectant
6) Make-up should fit in sandwich or quart-sized zip lock bag
8) Medicine for the entire trip plus 2 days extra; try to put in smaller container and put in quart-sized zip lock bag
9) Hair straightener OR curling iron
10) Do not bring a blow dryer most facilities have one
11) Brush/comb
12) Swimsuit
13) Jacket OR sweatshirt
14) Electronic chargers
15) Small LED flashlight
16) 1 pair of pajamas
17) 3 - 4 pairs of socks if needed

Trash Bags

Category: Housekeeping

Keep a supply of plastic bag liners in the bottom of your kitchen, garage or bathroom trash cans. That way, when you empty one bag, another fresh bag is handy

for you to pull out and immediately replace. You'll never find yourself with a hand full of trash and no liner in the can!


Category: Organization

I am a big fan of a notebook/notepad. I have one from Thirty-one called a fold-n-go. It has a zipper pouch to keep receipts, a notepad, and a multipurpose pocket. I love being able to keep my grocery list and coupons, to-do list, and receipts all in one place. Plus, if I have an idea or thought I need to jot down (because I know I will forget later), I've got it with me. It's also a great place to keep track of my prayer list. If I read/hear someone or something I need to pray for, I jot it down so that I always have the list with me. If I'm waiting for the doctor, waiting for my kiddo to get out of school, or just have a few minutes on my lunch break, I can whip out the list and pray then and there!

Rings in Toilet

Category: Housekeeping

If you have hard water and find it hard to get rid of the rings in your toilet, use Vinegar. Pour it in the toilet and go read a book or take a walk. When you return, simply brush the toilet and flush, You will have a shiny, clean toilet and you will be refreshed as well!


Category: Faith

Honestly for me it is taking 10 minutes in the middle of the day to close my eyes, relax, and spend time with God and ask him to spend time with me. Sometimes I feel that He definitely has a message for me, other times I just super relax (my problem area). Either way, He simplifies my life by helping me clear my mind of things that don't need to be there and helps me to re-direct my focus on Him and the positive things in my life. This removes the mental clutter and puts the focus where it should be. This makes my day so much more enjoyable for me and my family. :)

No Soggy Crust

Category: Meals

When reheating pizza, warm the pizza in the microwave for one minute. Then place the pizza in a skillet on the stove on medium to high heat for about two minutes to crisp the bottom. No more soggy crust!

Give Thanks

Category: Faith

In EVERYTHING give thanks!

Onions & Garlic

Category: Meals

After cutting or handling raw onions or garlic, get rid of the smell on your hands by running cold water and rubbing your hands on the stainless steel kitchen faucet! I don't know why, but it takes the smell away very quickly! Amazing!

Reheating Waffles

Category: Meals

Reheat homemade waffles in the toaster. The waffle will be hot and slightly crispy on the outside just like when it was fresh.

Keeping Earrings Together

Category: Organization

I have a hard time keeping my pierced earrings (hooks and posts) together so I bought two inexpensive 3 section mail holders. They are three different heights so I can hang the longest earrings on the back section and the shortest ones in front. Each section has a mesh-like backing so I can even put post earrings thru the mesh to keep them together. It makes it so much easier to pick out my earrings each day without my bi-focals!