A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:


Category: Faith

I place a paper, note card, mirror art or a magnet on my mirror in my bathroom to remind me of what God is trying to teach me. When I go into the bathroom I see it and read it out loud to rehearse God's desires for me! When I get it into my Spirit, I put up a new reminder. If i need healing. I will put up healing scriptures to declare each day. If I need to be more loving, I declare that I see people the way He does and have more compassion. Put up several notes if there is room, to speak over your life. Life is in the power of the tongue and I choose to speak life over myself and my family!

Freeze Food

Category: Meals

We're a busy family and juggling a baby while trying to make dinner can be difficult. To help us eat healthier and be able to prepare meals quickly, I freeze meals. Buy groceries in bulk when they're on sale and then spend an afternoon preparing a few weeks' worth of meals. Cut up all the veggies and meats for each recipe. Put these in freezer bags and label with recipe name, date, and instructions on how to complete meal (ie. Cook in slow cooker for 5 hours on low with 1 cup of chicken broth added.) Its so nice to dump a bag into the slow cooker and have a tasty home cooked meal in a few hours.


Category: Other

Stretch when you wake up. It gives the body an opportunity to wake up. And whatever your morning routine is, take time for yourself. Personally, I like to lay back down and pet my dog (who remains covered up in our bed!). It shows her that I have time for her before I get running around with the kids/preparing for work etc.

Shout Wipe

Category: Parenting

I include a Shout wipe in my son's school lunch along with his purell hand sanitizer wipe when I pack it. We used to end up with stains that had "set in" when a spill occurred during lunch. Now he can dab the stain with the wipe and ask the lunch supervisor or teacher if he needs help.

Kids to Set Table

Category: Parenting

Dinnertime can be a bit crazy in a household of 6. I learned a couple of years ago to keep the kid plates, bowls, and silverware in lower drawers so each child can pick and set their own place at the table. They enjoy it, and that leaves only two places for me to set!


Category: Meals

Take one morning, afternoon, or evening to prepare the staples of your menu for the week. Preparing food ahead cuts down on time menu planning, preparing, cooking and cleanup, and takes the hassle out of home cooked meals. You can cook up bacon, heat as you need through the week for breakfast. Cook your meat and freeze or prepare casseroles and place in freezer, I like to write on top what it is and how to cook. For example: Chicken pot pie, bake at 350 for 45 minutes. This way if I am running late someone can go ahead and start supper. You get a home cooked meal and not have to stress so much, plus redusing your time spent in the kitchen during your busy week!

Keeping Cookies Fresh

Category: Other

To keep your cookies or other baked goods moist and fresh, place a slice of bread in the air-tight container you keep them in. I couldn't believe how well it worked!

Proverbs 31

Category: Faith

I try to follow Proverbs 31 with everything. It can break down pretty much anything you might face in life. Example"look to the fields- if it isn't profitable to your family, money or mentally, get it our of your life", And when it talks about clothing, go to resale stores etc.. Every aspect could be put to the direction of Proverbs 31, if it doesn't fit, change it.

Cleaning Car

Category: Other

Put a garbage can in the garage right next to your car, so that when you arrive home you can immediately throw away any trash and the vehicle doesn't look quite so cluttered.

Never Search for Keys

Category: Organization

Never search for your car keys again! We have four drivers in our family. We each have a basket inside the back door where we each put our keys everytime we drive. If we need to move one of our cars, or need to use our teenage son's little pick-up, we know exactly where to find the keys. What a time saver!