A Simple Start Tips

We're asking you the question "What simplifies your life?" Share your tips and tricks on making life a little more simple. Tim and Pam will select 10 tips and the submitter will receive one of 10 great prizes! Share your tip here or view the others below.

Here are the tips we've received:

Organizing Mail

Category: Organization

Open your mail while standing right next to your recycle bin. All the envelopes and junk mail goes right in. Save the bills and other important documents. Don't bother with piles of mail cluttering up your house!

Toilet Paper

Category: Housekeeping

With a family of 6, single ply toilet paper is a must! With 6 people using one bathroom, toilet paper is gone in the blink of an eye! It may not be the softest, but it sure does last longer then 2 ply. Especially when you get the 12 pack single ply! :)


Category: Organization

Communication between my husband, myself, and our tween and teenager can be poor with all of the events my girls are involved in. So, at dinner time, if we are all together at the dinner table, we discuss how our days went then we talk about any upcoming events and money needed for those events. So that everyone is on the same page with things coming up. Then later write those events on the calendar.

A Friend to Help

Category: Relationships

When my kids were little, my friend and I would take turns. One would stay home with the kids and the other would go to the store with the list and buy the groceries. We would cook all day the main dishes for 2 weeks. We would put them in containers and put them in the freezer/ fridge. For two weeks we didn't have to cook except to add side dishes. And we didn't have to take little ones grocery shopping!

Changing Sheets

Category: Organization

I am a pastor's wife and a mom of 4 and we change bed sheets often and also have overnight company a lot. I found myself frustrated that I couldn't find matching sheet sets in the closet and so I began to put the matching fitted and top sheets in the matching pillow case when I folded them and put them in the closet, that way whoever changed the bed knew which sheets matched! Yay!


Category: Parenting

I have a trick for not repeating myself with my children that I before asked them over and over to do- something I learned from my parents, if they don"t do simple tasks that are asked such as picking up their clothes, shut drawers, lift the toilet seat I have them repeat doing it 20-50 times completely. They learned to do it right the first time, so did I!


Category: Meals

To save time during the hectic work week and provide healthy meals for the family, on Saturdays (Or your day off) cook brown rice, whole pasta, cut up veggies and put in containers in the frig and these can be added to salads and frozen veggie stir fries all week long with very little to no cooking. What doesn't get used by the end of the week, toss into broth and whip up a soup!

Pre-Cook Hamburger

Category: Meals

When frying up hamburger I fry 2 or 3 pounds instead of just the 1 pound I need.  Drain and freeze the remaining cooked hamburger for a fast dinner when short on time.  Great for pizza or chili or short notice.

Kitchen Floor

Category: Housekeeping

My kitchen floor is hard to keep up with. I would love to mop everyday but that will never happen. So I keep a spray bottle of mop solution ready and just spray on the areas that need immediate attention and wipe it up. Wa La. Spot is wiped up and my house smells like I just mopped.

Organizing Spices

Category: Organization

I do a lot of cooking and use a lot of herbs and spices. I was frustrated looking through all the stacks of bottles and so I bought several of the trays of drawers that people use in their workshops to hold screws, etc. I stacked them on the kitchen counter between my base and top cabinets and numbered them. I keep about two teaspoons of each spice or herb in each compartment that tips out. I ended up with 64 compartments. I numbered them and typed a list in alphabetical order of each ingredient with the number of the bin. On top I placed a baby spoon and the system works so very well. By keeping the quantity small and out of direct light, the ingredients last for quite a while and I always refresh all the bins twice a year. It is so easy now to simply open the door of the cabinet, find the ingredients I want and spoon out the quantity that I need.