1 Nation 1 Day

Did you ever think that when you grew up
you’d have a chance to change the world? To shine God’s light. And break out of the ordinary.

Now you can bring God's light to Honduras. Joining thousands of others on a mission trip of epic proportions. It’s One Nation. One Day.

A week long mission trip. Leading up to a One Day celebration.

July 13th - 21st for a mission trip to Honduras, and be a part of the largest mission trip in history! WBGL is partnering with Missions.Me for "1Nation1Day."

2,000 missionaries will go into nearly every high school, church, and capital city in Honduras to share the love and message of Jesus Christ.

The week-long trip will build towards one historic day on July 20th when 18 ministries will hold outreaches in all 18 capital cities. Thousands will gather in the cities, and millions will watch as the event is broadcast live throughout Honduras and around the world.

The trip costs $1,995. That includes international flight between Miami and Honduras, lodging, all transportation in Honduras, and three daily meals and water in Miami and Honduras. It does NOT include domestic travel to/from Miami, meals in airports, snacks, souvenirs, or Internet.

Click here to join the team

There's room for 100 people on the team. Everyone will serve in the same state. You must be at least 12 years old to apply, and half payment is due April 5th. To find out more about the trip or other ways to get involved, check out the links below.

Watch the video here!